Multiple Advanced Filters to a Report


I’m trying to add multiple advanced filters to a results report, but am only able to add one.  For example, I want to have my master report, but then be able to filter out by individual departments (i.e. one for Marketing, one for Operations, etc.)

Within Advanced Filters, I’m able to add one, but rather than being able to add additional, separate filters, it only allows me to add a Group w/ an and/or statement. 

Am I missing something? 

Lola Gill answered

    Dominic – we can apply a single advanced filter and understand how those work.  We want to be able to create multiple advanced filters and select which to apply. 

    As you can see in the below screenshot, I’m able to add the Advanced Filter of department set to Operations.  

    We would ideally like to see additional advanced filters such as:


    Advanced Filter: department is exactly equal to G&A

    Advanced Filter: department is exactly equal to Marketing

    and so on, so we could easily check/uncheck those filters to view results by department. 



    Jennifer Johnson answered
      Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

      I see what you mean now, thank for the extra screen shot!

      I think this is a bit limited at the moment (I see the same behavior in one of my test surveys). You may have to do what you described with saving, updating the filters, etc.

      Before you go down that road, you may want to explore the Segmentation Options (in case this works as an alternative):

      Jennifer Johnson commented

        When I click on “Add New Filter” and then Advanced Filter, this is the option that I get…I can only change the department name, but that then deletes the previous department filter that I had…it gives me the option to add a condition or a group, but that is not what I need. 

        It sounds like I’m going to have to create a new advanced filter with the appropriate department name, save the report, then replace the filter with the new department name, and repeat. 


        Jennifer Johnson answered
          Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

          When you click the ‘Add New Filter’ green button in your screenshot, is there not an option to create another Advanced filter? It should be available there and should allow you to build a similar filter to your current Advanced filter.

          You should then be able to check/uncheck the filters that you want to be active at any give time.

          What options are currently available to you under the ‘Add New Filter’ button?

          Lola Gill answered

            Being able to add conditions or groups is the expected behavior – but perhaps I’m not fully understanding your question.

            The following doc might help clarify the filtering options further:


            Hope this helps!

            Dominic Sharpe answered


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