[Solved] Multi site survey with different close dates according to segments


If I want to set up a survey for a multi-site organisation – is it possible to create one survey and then send invites to different segments AND close each segment’s access to the survey at different times while the survey is still open?

For example – we have 100 staff in each of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. I want to run a survey for the whole organisation over a six week period – but I want to have Brisbane to have access for 2 weeks (then shut off their access) and allow Melbourne to then access it and complete for the following two weeks (then shut the Melbourne access down) and subsequently Sydney for two weeks. Then at the end of six weeks – I want to collate ALL the data combined? We will be able to segment the responses according to location – but I don’t want the survey open to the whole organisation at the same time.


What’s the best way to achieve this?

Roxann asked

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    Hey Roxann, you can sure do this.  You can create 3 different email campaigns, one for each of the segments, all on one survey.  Send out the first email campaign to the first segment, leave it open and collect your responses, then after the two weeks is up, close that email campaign.  Then send out the second one and repeat.  Since all data will be collected on the same survey, it will automatically all be held in one place, so there’s no need to do any combining.  Hope that helps!

    Chad Wilco answered


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