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This is kind of an improv thing, because normally I would never want to end up in this situation, but as it is:

Can a question be moved in an open running survey from the end to the beginning without affecting the connections and structure of the variables in the database with answers?

The panel provider is suddenly forcing us to work woth quota and move age, gender and education questions from the end to the beginning. That’s why 🙁 

Marius answered
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    Three days, no replies …
    Is this a very silly question??  🙁
    Or just nobody who knows?

    Marius answered

      It’s not a silly question.  I can’t speak for other users, but my team has never had to face this question before.

      The SurveyGizmo documentation recommends against moving questions in a live survey (  Review the “What edits are not recommended” section for details.

      If you absolutely have to move the questions, I would first recommend exporting a complete response data export.  When you have that in hand, CLOSE the survey, move the question, and then reopen the survey.  When the survey has reopened, export another complete data export and make sure that all of the responses made the move.

      Note: any of your exisitng reports or exports will have to revised to reflect the new posotion of the question.

      Good luck!

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        Marius 184 Rep.

        Thanks Jim, 
        My main doubt was actually what would happen to an Excel or SPSS output.
        I’m not using the SG report options for this study, so the biggest risk would be that I have to repair a data export file, because variable names and column positions  would get damaged.

        Marius answered


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