[Solved] Monthly price $25 instead of $15



I seem to have been forced into paying $25 monthly for the basic package but before entering card details I saw it priced at $15 per month.

I can see previous invoices before I paused the account for a while each at $15.

Can you help?

Robin Mannering asked

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    Hi Robin,

    Thanks for asking why the price changed there.  We do grandfather in any price that you have paid for a plan with us if the price for a plan changes.  The only time that grandfathered price would change to the current price is if you change your plan level or suspend and then return to your account.

    We’re definitely happy to discuss your account specifically with you if you’d like.  Please reach out to us at support@sgizmo.com if you’d like to do so.

    Topper Shull answered


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