Monadic Testing



I have a question concerning monadic testing. Is it possible to set up a monadic test design in surverygizmo?

This would be quite helpful. 



Supersonic asked

    Ok. So you want to have people rate several visual images one after the next where each person rates the same set of visuals?

    steve answered

       The short answer is no.  Are you looking to do something like a product test where you have a randomized product order for respondents to go through?

      steve answered
        • Hi,
          I also thought about just randomizing pages. However, this is still a workaround. We want to test visual assets and the best way I learned it would be to test it in a monadic setting.


        Joshua –

        I can tell you that we don’t offer specific monadic tests within SurveyGizmo. However, you can use existing tools to build comparison reports. The following video tutorial will be a great place to start. Check it out.

        Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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