Mobile view extra scrolling space, almost like footer will not disappear.


Hi there,

I have been creating a survey to sit on an ipad in our store, and for some reason when on an ipad I get this extra space at the bottom of the survey that won’t go away. It is as almost if the page size is set to big, and I have tried to over ride this with CSS/HTML but it will not work. The page on mobile view stays the same. Any thoughts, ideas on how to over come this and remove the dead space, and so that the page sits auto sized with no scrollable area of blank space. Hope that makes sense. 


Thank you.



Dominic Sharpe answered

    This CSS might be a good starting point:

    body {
    overflow-y:hidden !important;

    This will remove the vertical scroll bar (the trouble is that this will remove it everywhere – desktop, mobile, etc.). If you are only running your survey on mobile and have generally small/short questions, this might work just fine.

    I would test thoroughly!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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