[Solved] Mobile video too large


See my survey:



The mobile video is to large, only half of the video is displayed.

I tried to put this in:

.sg-mobile .sg-instructions img {width: 100%; min-height: 400px}


But that did not work.

See this picture how the video is only 1/2 on mobils screen:



Can you fix this now! I need to send out the survey ASAP

Let me know to my e-mail ho@verdicta.com





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    Greetings Hal!

    You are on the right track using CSS to solve this display problem. Better yet, looking at your survey now, it seems you’ve already found some working CSS too! 🙂

    To improve things further, I might recommend being more specific with your CSS selector, so as to not accidentally target other iframes that may be present in your survey. A second suggestion would be to use the `max-width` property rather than `width`, for any tablet users that may be visiting your survey.

    Here’s a snippet that could be pretty easily applied to any survey to get this behavior, with low risk of adversely affecting the rest of the survey experience:

    .sg-mobile-optimized .sg-video-player iframe {
    max-width: 100%;

    As a sidenote, other users on the Community are not able to edit your survey, even if you’ve shared the link to your survey.

    I hope this information is helpful!

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