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I would love to use the Mobile Image and Mobile Video question capture types in an upcoming survey, but I can’t seem to get them to work on my iPhone when I try to test my link. I’m also having trouble locating any information in the knowledge base regarding set-up/limitations, etc. Can someone tell me the caveats of using this type of question, how you got it to work (if you did), and any pointers on set-up?

Kristie LeVangie answered

    When you refer to Image/Video question capture types, are you referring to something different than SurveyGizmo’s built-in File Upload Question:

    If you are using the File Upload, can you clarify what trouble you are running into when testing?

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      There is a File Upload question type under Intermediate, but I’m referring to are the VoxPopMe Video Question, Mobile Video Capture, or Mobile Image Capture question types under the Custom menu.

      There is no documentation that I can find on these question types anywhere in the Knowledge Base either. 

      Dominic Sharpe commented
        • Thanks for clarifying

          These Custom questions are actually not built by SurveyGizmo so there is no documentation in the KO for these. Anything in the ‘Custom’ section of the questions is something that was built for your SurveyGizmo account (perhaps by a developer on your team?) via the ‘Custom Question Builder’ tool:

          Perhaps there is someone on your team with knowledge of how to use these questions, or perhaps the person that designed the questions is still on your team?

          Hope this gives you something to go off of!



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