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Hi Could you please help with the images in my survey for mobile. How do i get them to be movable once they appear on a mobile phone? They’re large images so for the most part they are cut off – if they were movable the reader could scroll over to view the full image.


Kate Williams82611 asked

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    This is a problem with SurveyGizmo’s mobile format – because swiping side to side changes pages, you can not “scroll” side to side. My solution to the problem is to resize the image to be smaller, and make it a hyperlink so you can open the “full” image in a new tab.

    Here’s the code I use. You’re welcome to re-use it, just swap in your image URLs in the appropriate places, and put this in a text element:

    <a href=”image URL here” target=”_blank”><img src=”image URL here” style=”max-width:100%;height:auto;”></a>

    Note that you’ll have to disable “Clean My HTML” in the Layout tab or else the max-width setting will get removed. The link will still work though.

    Alexander Raymond answered


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