Missing values – how to seperate them from unchecked answer


I have the export file and I find it disturbing that when I have a respondent who, because of a logic, was not asked of a question, and his/her value is also missing value, and those who were asked and didn’t check a multiple answer variable, shows also missing value.

How can I make this answer – missing, and the others to zero or something, to have real missing cases and others who just didn’t check an answer.

Thank you!

rekavanyolai asked

    If I understand your question, you are looking for a way to determine whether a question has been skipped due to a logic condition or the respondent has skipped it intentionally.

    If this question is important, the simplest solution would be to not allow the respondent to skip the question. Make the question required (or require a min of at least one answer). 

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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