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I am testing a survey page I created. Within the past hour, I submitted 10+ responses, but only 1 response is showing up in the results. They other 9+ responses are missing. Is the server down? 

Adam Che answered

    I only had one question in the survey and all responses were complete. It has been more than an hour since those responses were submitted. They are still not showing up. 

    Adam Che answered
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      It sometimes takes a long as 5 minutes for a survey response to be available in reports, exports, or the individual responses page. Response older than that should be showing up.

      It is possible that you have a filter in place that you forgot about. It would be difficult to suggest where to look without knowing where you are looking for the response to be “showing up in the results”.

      One common thing that I think fools people is that partial surveys are excluded from reports and downloads by default, so if your tests didn’t get all the way to clicking the submit button, that might have something to do with it.

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