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Does SurveyGizmo support the Microsoft Edge browser?  Some of my respondents are reporting problems with taking a survey using Windows 10 Mobile Edge.  (They receive an error message that they have already completed the survey)

Insider asked

    HI Again,

    Regarding the  “ranked measurement” question above, our survey taker reported “The radio buttons weren’t registering the options I picked.” 


    Any help greatly appreciated.

    David Milam answered

      Hello All,

      I have an edge browser user that cant complete a “ranked measurement” question. I work at Microsoft and MUST have Edge support for our surveys moving forward. Surver gizmo enterprise account user here, Please help!

      David Milam answered

        While I can’t answer your question specifically, but the message that your respondents are reporting would likely not have anything to do with browser.

        The message refers to some sort of duplicate protection applied to the survey: perhaps IP or cookie protection? Perhaps respondents are using unique links that were emailed to them or sharing links with one another?

        Dominic Sharpe answered


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