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Hello, I have at present 4 surveys we want to launch (there will be six in total eventually). However they are all essentially variations on a theme. What I would like to do is pull them all together so that there is a single entry point – then on the first page if the survey respondent (for example) selects (I am a Service Provider AND then also selects one of  ‘scoping, development or architecting) then they would shift to the set of questions in a different survey.

Similarly if a respondent select (I am a buyer and user of technology AND then selects ‘Launch’) they would skip to those questions.

Not sure if this is making sense – but ideally instead of 6 similar surveys I would have one that ran seamlessly (for the survey respondent) but just moved them depending on who they are to the right questions.

My logic here is twofold – single entry point and seamless user experience – one URL etc. Plus we would only have one integration point for a database or analytics tool – rather than six that then have to merged and sorted.

Can you advise?

Sorry this is such a long and complex question but we love SurveyGizmo and this will likely be a core part of our new business moving forward.


Thanks again



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    Hi Alan,

    Sounds like you have it figured out on how to apply the page/question logic.

    Are you asking how to merge the surveys? Without having SG do it on the back end, I don’t believe there is functionality to move questions from one survey to another. I would recommend just rebuild to the newest survey.

    Now if you are asking how to apply the logic it is simple, just add logic inside the question/page properties as follows:

    You can get more information on that here:

    For Pages:


    For Questions:


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      Thank you this is very helpful

      Tiffany answered


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