How to merge responses from two logic questions


Hi there,

I’ve created a survey with a main NPS (rating) question and three logical sub questions:

If score <6 then show q4

If score is 7 show q5

If score is >9 show q6

As only one of these will be shown I want to combine the results into a single item that I can then pass to salesforce. Any idea how to do this?

Thanks in advance


ayap answered
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    Thanks@IS still getting used to merge code – works perfectly

    ayap answered
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      On a survey page following the three questions, insert a Hidden Value action. In the hidden value action under “Populate with the following:” use the “– Select a Merge Code–” to find the first question (q4 in your example) and then click Insert. It should look something like:

      [question(“value”), id=”50″]

      Do the same for questions 5 and 6 of your example until you have something like:

      [question(“value”), id=”50″][question(“value”), id=”51″][question(“value”), id=”52″]

      Save the Hidden Value field and you have what you want. It will insert the values of all three questions, but since two of the questions were never shown, they will have a null value. The result is that only the value of the question that was shown to the respondent will actually be in the field.


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