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I want to use contact merge codes but do NOT want to send the email campaign via your email service – how do I do that


lthorley@customis.com asked

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    Another option is to upload your contacts to a SurveyGizmo email campaign… You can the then ‘Export contacts with send status” from the contact page.

    This will give you a spreadsheet of all the unique links for each of your contacts and you can merge these into whatever system you will be using the mail out the survey. Since the ‘contact fields’ are associated with the unique links in SG, the data should pull into the contact fields just fine.

    Hope that helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      The contact merge codes won’t work since the information is pulled from the email campaign. I would use something like a login password action or another form of prepopulation so you can utilize the data in your survey.

      Lizzy Tekkel answered


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