Merge Codes in Email – Answers showing up even though that answer wasn’t provided


I really don’t know how to frame this problem but I’ll try.

When someone takes the survey, I am providing responses to some of their choices in an email action item at the end.

In some questions, like yes or no questions, I might only be providing a response for one or the other but not both.

In other instances, there may be four or more possible responses, allowing them to only choose one. Still, however, I may be providing a response to several of those options.

When I tested the survey, I chose an answer that I knew would generate a response, but instead, I got multiple responses, as if I had selected¬†all options, when I didn’t, nor is it possible for someone to do so.

How do I fix this problem? There doesn’t seem to be a way to tell the merge code to select multiple responses at once and provide just one answer, so I’m left giving that answer repeatedly for multiple responses.

This is a relationship survey, so one example is:

How long since your last relationship ended before you entered the next…they’re given multiple possibilities but can only choose one. Yet, I might provide feedback to several of those responses. All of them appear in the email, instead of just the one I chose.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance!

Gregg asked


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