Merge Codes does not work




I created a campaign and added these codes:


<p>session: [survey(“session id”)]<br />
id: [survey(“id”)]<br />
messageid: [invite(“messageid”)]<br />
guid: [contact(“guid”)]</p>


and this is what I see in the test email

session: [survey(“session id”)]
id: [survey(“id”)]
messageid: [invite(“messageid”)]
guid: [contact(“guid”)]


also I used this


<a href=”[contact(“guid”)]”>Click Here to Start the Survey [contact(“guid”)]</a><br />


and I get this:


Click Here to Start the Survey [contact(“guid”)]


with html:

<a href=”[contact(“guid”)]”>Click Here to Start the Survey [contact(“guid”)]</a><br />


also, from source code, I cannot insert codes from drop down after selecting source!!! When I select an item from drop down, it is not inserted into html source, I need to type it manually…


So, what am I doing wrong? Nothing seems to work here!




Community Admin answered

    @admin: I am sorry for the confusion! You need to be very careful with email invite links. The only link that will work in email campaign invites is the following:


    The above merge code will insert all the appropriate information for you to track your respondents. You do not need to add additional merge codes like message and guid as you described above.

    If you’d like additional information about customizing the link text here is a tutorial:

    I hope this helps!

    Documentation Coordinator/Survey Sorceress
    SurveyGizmo Customer Support

    admin commented

      @Admin : It sounds like you’re trying to do a pretty advanced customization. I would reach out to our support team via chat or email with these questions!

      Community Admin answered

        Hi Again,


        now I am trying to pass a custom field from my contact list in the redirect url


        I tried multiple options

        Post Survey Actions: Redirect to a URL:



        I tried different options “Fields To Pass (optional)” and tried “URL Variable” & “Static Value (use default)” with “[contact(“rid”)]” in the value or variable name etc… all I got is this:



        Not sure why I am having so much difficulties here! It should be very simple and straight forward!



        admin answered

          now, another issue 🙂


          how can I pass a custom variable in my contact us in the survey end url


          I tried


          Static Value (use default) = rid

          Variable Name = rid

          Default Value (opt) = [contact(“rid”)]


          and this is what I get 🙂



          also tried


          URL Variable = rid

          Variable Name = [contact(“rid”)]

          Default Value (opt) = 


          None works! Not sure why all these are impossible to achieve, it should be straightforward!


          All I want here is pass some filed from my contact list in the redirect url…

          admin answered

            ok, some of the merge fileds are working as expected (see



            guid: [contact(“guid”)]<br />
            inv: [contact(“inv”)]<br />
            custom 1: [contact(“custom 1”)]<br />
            custom 2: [contact(“custom 2”)]<br />
            name: [contact(“first name”)] [contact(“last name”)]<br />
            email: [contact(“email”)]


            but not [invite(“messageid”)]!!!

            I am trying to pass a uniqueid from SG + one of my fileds in the link


            then i will redirect user to actual sg survey link somehow, like


            and sg should find my contact using mid parameter, and use rid from contact, redirect after survey completed to




            admin answered


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