Merge Codes does not work




I created a campaign and added these codes:


<p>session: [survey(“session id”)]<br />
id: [survey(“id”)]<br />
messageid: [invite(“messageid”)]<br />
guid: [contact(“guid”)]</p>


and this is what I see in the test email

session: [survey(“session id”)]
id: [survey(“id”)]
messageid: [invite(“messageid”)]
guid: [contact(“guid”)]


also I used this


<a href=”[contact(“guid”)]”>Click Here to Start the Survey [contact(“guid”)]</a><br />


and I get this:


Click Here to Start the Survey [contact(“guid”)]


with html:

<a href=”[contact(“guid”)]”>Click Here to Start the Survey [contact(“guid”)]</a><br />


also, from source code, I cannot insert codes from drop down after selecting source!!! When I select an item from drop down, it is not inserted into html source, I need to type it manually…


So, what am I doing wrong? Nothing seems to work here!




Community Admin answered

    ok, some of the merge fileds are working as expected (see



    guid: [contact(“guid”)]<br />
    inv: [contact(“inv”)]<br />
    custom 1: [contact(“custom 1”)]<br />
    custom 2: [contact(“custom 2”)]<br />
    name: [contact(“first name”)] [contact(“last name”)]<br />
    email: [contact(“email”)]


    but not [invite(“messageid”)]!!!

    I am trying to pass a uniqueid from SG + one of my fileds in the link[invite(“messageid”)]&inv=[contact(“inv”)]

    then i will redirect user to actual sg survey link somehow, like[…]

    and sg should find my contact using mid parameter, and use rid from contact, redirect after survey completed to[invite(“messageid”)]&inv=[contact(“rid”)]



    admin answered

      now, another issue :)


      how can I pass a custom variable in my contact us in the survey end url


      I tried


      Static Value (use default) = rid

      Variable Name = rid

      Default Value (opt) = [contact(“rid”)]


      and this is what I get :)



      also tried


      URL Variable = rid

      Variable Name = [contact(“rid”)]

      Default Value (opt) = 


      None works! Not sure why all these are impossible to achieve, it should be straightforward!


      All I want here is pass some filed from my contact list in the redirect url…

      admin answered

        Hi Again,


        now I am trying to pass a custom field from my contact list in the redirect url


        I tried multiple options

        Post Survey Actions: Redirect to a URL:



        I tried different options “Fields To Pass (optional)” and tried “URL Variable” & “Static Value (use default)” with “[contact(“rid”)]” in the value or variable name etc… all I got is this:



        Not sure why I am having so much difficulties here! It should be very simple and straight forward!



        admin answered

          @Admin : It sounds like you’re trying to do a pretty advanced customization. I would reach out to our support team via chat or email with these questions!

          Community Admin answered

            when I send it to a user, this is what I get


            <a href=”[contact(“>Click Here to Start the Survey </a>

            <br />id: <br />messageid: <br />guid: <br />inv: </p>


            same as test email… merge codes are not inserted, either blank, or no broken…

            admin answered


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