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I have one question in my survey that asks respondents to provide the names of those rooms in the building they work in that are in need of refurbishment. As I do not know the range of applicable room names in each building and as the number of rooms to be reported by different respondents may vary, I use a Custom Group-type question with a text-box as the sole sub-question and I let the respondents “add [rooms] as needed”.

A later Checkboxes-type question refers to the entries a respondent has made in the room-names question. In order to drag the reported room names into the Multiple Choice Options I use merge codes for the base entry plus max. five “add as needed”-repetitions: [question(“value”), questionpipe=”1″, id=”116″] ….. [question(“value”), questionpipe=”6″, id=”116″].

As long as one passes the room-names question without ever removing an entry already made everything works fine. But if a respondent chooses to “fiddle around” with the remove-entry and add-entry options, the merge codes seem to lose track of what happens.

For example, if three consecutive entries are made (using two “add as needed”-repetitions) and then the middle one is removed followed by one last addition (ending up with three entries), that last addition shows up as Multiple Choice Option number four when actually it should become the third option given by [question(“value”), questionpipe=”3″, id=”116″]. Meanwhile, Multiple Choice Option number two remains empty as if the corresponding merge code [question(“value”), questionpipe=”2″, id=”116″] had been eliminated by the removal of the middle one of the first three entries. However, by consulting the Style Inspector on the page that contains the room-names question I can see that each text-box is being given its proper repetition index no matter how many “add as needed”-removals and -additions I make.

Can you help on this issue? That would be great!

Thanks a lot, Philip

SeminarTeam Rohr AG Reinigungen answered
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    When I tried to duplicate your situation, the text boxes were NOT “being given its proper repetition index”.  I ended up with pipe-1, dummy-group-2, pipe-2, pipe-4.

    I know it isn’t what you were looking for, but I would just hide the remove link/button with something like:

    .sg-remove-item-button {display:none !important;}

    IS answered

      Ok. I’ll do that. It sounds like a technically feasible solution which still allows the respondents to remove an entry: either by just overwriting it or by deletion.

      Since I like those “add as needed”-repetitions quite a bit: is there any chance that you will bring this issue to the attention of the developers at SG?

      Thanks, Philip

      Admin - SurveyGizmo commented
        • I am just another user like yourself, but I agree it does seem like this maybe isn’t working as intended. I flagged the post which may get support to take a look at it for you.

        • Hi Philip,

          I wanted to provide some additional feedback here.

          The reason that you are seeing this behavior is due to a limitation of the ‘add-as-needed’ merge codes.

          When a set of answers is removed, the sets after it do not shift positions. For example, if there are three sets created and the second set is removed, the remaining sets occupy questionpipe=”1″ and questionpipe=”3″ (unfortunately the third item does not shift into the questionpipe=”2″ position).

          I have forwarded this feedback to our development team to see what our options are for making this functionality more dynamic. I am happy to provide further feedback via this thread.

          In the meantime, the suggestion provided by IS is likely the best option for working around this limitation.

          I’m sorry for the trouble!

          David Domagalski
          Documentation Specialist
          SurveyGizmo |



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