Merge code of a merge code


I’m using merge codes to pull write in option from another question: 




No problem with that.

My problem appears when I try to use again another merge code to pull this options:

[question(“option value”), id=148]

Instead of showing the “option value” of the merges codes, it shows the merge code like a string, like this: 

[question(“option value”),id=”23″,option=10088″]

Instead, I wish it to show the text of this merge code: “Option 1” for instance.

Is there any way to force the merge code to read the merge code? 

AdrianaMatias answered

    I managed to solve it, using piping. Thanks! 

    Here is how:



    AdrianaMatias answered

      Thank you for your response.

      I think I can’t use piping since I need to use the option in the corpus of the question. 

      Please consider this link with an example:

      AdrianaMatias answered
        Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

        It’s a little tricky to know exactly what the issue is, but it may just be that you are using a merge code for a merge code – which may be problematic.

        Are these questions on separate pages? What types of questions are you using for this?

        Any other information that you can share might help other users give you some advice. I also suggest taking a look at your reports and exports since using merge codes in answer options might not have desirable results in reports/exports.

        You might also consider piping as an alternative that what you are currently doing:

        Hope this helps!

        Lola Gill answered


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