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I have a problem that is taking a lot of my time – and I don’t have enough :S – and that I would love to be able to solve for future situations. 

The situation is, I am creating an email campaign (need individual links for each respondent) and each email/respondent has been nominated 1, 2 or 3 times by various divisions. They can only be nominated once by each division, which means that one respondent who has been nominated 3, has been nominated by 3 different divisions. My client would like to verify if the respondents have actually been in contact with the divisions that have nominated them. 

Now my problem is: How can I create a grid question that will only show the exact number of division that have nominated each respondent? Most should only see one option ( [invite(“custom 1”)] – [invite(“custom 2”)] as each division is composed with 2 names), others will see 2 or 3 options. 


I first tried this way (see picture attached) but it will show blank rows to those who have been nominated less than 3 times.

Also, each custom come from columns in my original nomination file. Those who have been nominated 1 time have blank columns. 


It would be fantastic if you could tell me if there’s a solution to my problem. 





Alice Goeury answered

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    Hey Alice,

    Well done! I like what you’ve done so far.

    To restrict those rows from showing up blank when there is no information in the custom field, I would just take this one step further and edit each row and put logic on it so that it only shows if the appropriate custom field “is answered”.

    For example, in your second row, you could edit that and put logic on it saying “only show if [Custom 3] is answered”. This way, if there is no information in that contact field, the row will not display.

    I hope this helps!


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      Of course!! Thanks a lot, for next time 



      Alice Goeury answered


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