Meet Boulder’s Sudo Bashers Kickball Team!


Meet the super survey Sudo Bashers!

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Here in Boulder, Kickball season is a tradition. The Sudo Bashers have come a long way, winning 0 games, yes z-e-r-o games, to Boulder Champions in 2014.  In 2015, they made it to the Championship and finished with a strong 2nd place silver.  This is one team that really bashes.  If you have the luck of playing for Sudo Bashers for one game, it will change your outlook on life.  You could feel the positive spirit even if you are losing  6-1.

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You would think this is the traditional kickball dance. But this is a rare moment of Nate’s whiffed kick.  It won’t happen again for the next 30 lunar years.

Previous champions, the Sudo Bashers are inspired by one man.  Coach Burry is the driving force of the team. Burry wakes up every Thursday early to meditate on the coming of the weekly kickball game.  He is known as the Zen Master, however in the field he is everything except zenful.

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You wouldn’t want to be on the opposing team.  With clipboard in hand, he prowls around the office rounding up the team.  Even his own teammates seem to be afraid sometimes.  If not for Burry, Sudo Bashers may well have stayed in a losing streak, but don’t take my word for it.

Burry lives by one motto when it comes to Kickball, “Live Fast, Kick Hard, Die Happy”

For the upcoming and final season game on July 21, Sudo Bashers are fighting for an honorable mention.

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