[Solved] What is the maximum number of respondents allowed per survey? Are there any daily cutoffs?


What is the maximum number of respondents allowed per survey? 

Are there any daily maximums?

Are there any maximum number of respondents for the entire account?

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    Hey John,

    Thanks for putting a question in the community. To answer your question, there are not any limitations or maximums on the number of respondents that you can have either in your account, per survey or responses you can take per day.

    The only limitations we have in place come in when you are doing email campaigns and are dependent on the plan that you are subscribed to. For instance if you are on a professional account there would be a maximum number 20,000 contacts per email campaign (40,000 if you have an annual renewal).

    More information regarding these maximums can be found in the following documentation page:

    I hope this information fully answers your questions and glad to see you reaching out in the community.

    Ian Rosenstein

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