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Hi SG gurus.

I am wondering about the maximum number of responses allowable per survey, or the maximum number of surveys allowable? I am trying to assess whether to design as one survey with hundreds of thousands of responses, or in to hundreds of thousands different surveys. This will affect our database design. 

I know you do not claim any limits (with the right account), but I suspect in the real world, one solution will work better than the other. Do you know the most responses you have for any survey, or the most number of surveys you have ever hosted in a single account? This may guide us to the de facto limits, rather than the hypothetical limits. I want to avoid being forced to redesign all our data hosting systems after a year.

Thank you. 


Charles Lesser answered

    Thank you both.

    For other users, here is the answer from SG Help:

    [The only thing I can really tell you is that, no one I’ve talked to here has ever seen us reach a hard “limit” on either front. I’d say that I’ve seen accounts with upwards of 10,000 surveys on their dashboard and they have experienced some slow-down when navigating around because of it.

    I’ve seen surveys with hundreds of thousands of responses and those have some slow down, but only within that survey and when trying to run reports and exports for that particular survey.]

    Charles Lesser answered
      IS 2.21K Rep.

      I was waiting a bit to respond to see if someone had a figure closer to what you were looking for.

      On our account we have one survey with over 30,000 respondents and several others with well over 10,000

      I doubt that your 100s of thousand of responses would be any issue, but like Lola said, SurveyGizmo support would be the best place to get definitive answers.  

      IS answered
        Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

        It seems that the one survey solution should work – though it will probably depend on the design of the survey itself (how many questions, pages, etc.) and what features the survey is using (how resource intensive those are).

        I suggest reaching out to SurveyGizmo Support and discussing your specific survey plans with them (I think they will need to know a bit about how you intend to design the survey to best advise).

        You can reach them via email or live chat by accessing the Need Help menu in the upper right when logged in.

        Hope this helps!

        Lola Gill answered


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