[Solved] Marking a Completed Responses as Partial?


I deployed a survey with a signature field and people were not signing. I then made the question required so respondents were forced to sign the form. I want my data to accurately reflect a ‘completed’ survey based on if that field is signed or not. Is there a way to change a completed response back to partial?

Kelly Kyle asked
    • Hi Kelly! You can’t change the status of the responses collected before the signature question was flagged as required. But you can filter the reports and exports based on whether or not the signature question was answered (or “is not answered”) to get a list of those responses that you need to follow up on. Hope this help! – Mel

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    I just spoke with SG and apparently the answer is no, there’s no way to do this. Bummer!

    Kelly Kyle answered
      • Ah, that sucks. Really weird that there isn’t a way, it seems like you wouldn’t be the only one with that issue

      Ian 211 Rep.

      Though the application interface lacks this ability, it is possible using the API!

      In its most basic form, the API is simply a URL (web address) that you access. When you access that URL, it does things — normally an API URL is “accessed” with a program or script of some kind, but you can even visit the URL in your web browser, and it will still cause the action to happen!

      To convert a Complete response to Partial using the API, copy and paste the following URL in to your web browser, and replace each of the [square_bracket] parts with the appropriate pieces of information, but don’t include the square brackets, that’s just to show you which parts need replacing (your survey ID, the response ID you wish to update, and then your email and password with a colon in between)


      This is less ideal than a feature in the application, and I’m not sure if it is even supposed to work, but it does so I thought I’d mention it as a possibility 🙂

      Ian answered

        Not sure if this will work, but go to Results > Individual Responses, and then click on the individual response. Go to the “Details” tab and click “Edit Response.” From there, it will load up the survey as they took it. Make sure the signature field is not filled in, then submit it.

        I assume this would reset the status field, but I’m not positive… let me know!

        Nick Wicks answered
          • Intriguing idea but no such luck. The survey never updated the signature question to bring in that required setting when I went in to edit the response. Thanks for the suggestion, though!



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