Mark the correct answer in a multiple choice


Hi, I am building a simple multiple choice quiz where each question has one correct answer.

I need to score the quiz at the end. I can create  an end-action that evaluates all of the questions and calculates the score for the user. But I need to mark all the correct answers within the action, which is cumbersome and slow, especially if you have many questions and when I want to use question pools for random picking of questions.

I also need to score some questions on the fly, which I think I might be able to work around using question logic, but this is also cumbersome, when all I need is to check a box “This is the correct answer”. Also, I read that logic is not propagated when pulling questions from a question library…

I still havent found out how to mark the correct answer ON the question (or actually on the correct option within the answer).

Here is an example:

Question: What is the BEST of the below options?

  1. This is a good option
  2. This is really bad
  3. This is a distractor
  4. This is the BEST option

I am looking for some way to mark that option #4 is the correct answer, so that scoring will be easy at the end of the quiz. And I find it hard to believe that a cool tool like SurveyGizmo does not have this basic fuctionality.

Would someone please point me in the right direction?


johnny answered

    Hi Dominic

    Thanks for clarifying.

    I will put this as an enhancement request and hope for the SG team to be listening.

    Thanks and regards


    johnny answered

      Hi Johnny,

      I’m afraid you’re not missing anything here.

      When using the SurveyGizmo Quiz Score Action, the correct answers can only be specified within the Quiz Score Action element (there is not a means to do this while editing the question/answer option).

      I hope this helps clarify

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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