LUA script that removes ‘other’ mentions from an array using ‘table.remove’


Hi All,

I have a multiple response check box question of brands that has an ‘other’ code and ‘specify’ text box. I have a follow up question that displays randomly selected 3 codes and asks them to choose their favorite.

The first step in the process is to remove the ‘other’ response and associated text from the box from the array as these are not necessary for the follow up question. Ie the follow up question does not have the other codes so looping through in pairs doesn’t work.

No-where in the LUA documentation does it say how to loop through an array and remove the ‘other’ response. There is documentation for check boxes to grid rows where the labels are the same which is the next step.

Has anyone got anything that uses ‘table.remove’?     


Craig Bain asked


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