Having spent hours trying to make Lua work for simple checkboxes I’ve now been told it doesn’t work.

Here is the article explaining that it does work…

Here is their “working example”

It doesn’t work, even in their own “working examples”.

In frustration, I wrote to Support, and in amongst the usual disingenuous cut and pasted emotion about “Thanks so much for reaching out to us” was the admission…

“Unfortunately at this time GetValue does not work with multi value questions like checkboxes”

No apology. No “we’ll take it down off the website and let newcomers use legacy scripting” Just “hey, it doesn’t work, and we’re still telling everyone it does.”

SurveyGizmo clearly run their business on a different moral compass to mine.


Justin Worsley answered
    • I was testing LUA with a simple print(currentpagetitle()) or print(“text”) and always got an error Script Failed: Bad Script Syntax!. I wrote to Support and the answer was: “Thanks for reaching out to Support! I just took a look at your survey and I’m not seeing any errors. I’d also like to note that Custom Scripting is beyond the scope of Customer Support, so I am not technically able to support issues that you have with your scripts.”

    • Hi Elvira:

      Can you double check your script type selection? It sounds like you might have Legacy Custom Scripting selected. The error you shared is thrown via our Legacy Scripting language. If you select Legacy Custom Scripting in the Script Type dropdown menu (see screengrab below) but use Lua code this error will be thrown.

      I did confirm that the following works for me when Lua is selected in the Script Type menu:


      I hope this helps!

      Bri Hillmer
      Documentation Coordinator
      SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

    • Is this still not working? I’m running into the same issue with “getvalue()”.

      It works in your survey example, but not when I try the exact same code. (


    Hi Justin,

    Thank you for your feedback and fair critique. I wanted to extend our sincere apologies for all of the trouble and wasted time that you have encountered due to the Lua getvalue issue.

    The bug associated with the Lua getvalue function and multi-select questions has been escalated to our engineers and we are working to prioritize a fix for the problem. We are also assisting our new customers that do not have access to Legacy Custom Scripting, by providing access so that they may work around the current issue with getvalue in Lua Scripting.

    As you are in touch with our Customer Service team, they will notify you as soon as a bug fix has been released.

    Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

    Technical Writer
    SurveyGizmo Customer Experience

    Admin - SurveyGizmo answered

      I’m the original poster.

      I left SG a year ago, partly over this issue.

      I’m now thinking of coming back but I have one, perhaps two questions.

      • Is this issue (and others with Lua) now fixed?
      • If not can I have legacy scripting please (as a new account)


      Justin Worsley answered

        Is this problem fixed??  If not please add us to the bug notification list.

        Thank you,

        josh50 commented
          • Can you get any “get” functions to work for multiple response (checkbox) type questions? Mine always returns “Script Failed: Bad Script Syntax!”

          CamB 11 Rep.

          Same issue here – serves me right for updating my scripts to Lua then.

          CamB answered

            can you put this on a billboard? because this needs to be put on a billboard. 

            predicted answer from mods *well we don’t really do much coding, but here’s a useless page in our knowledge base!* 

            gregschell answered


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