Lost Individual Responses


Yesterday I had received a total of 16 survey responses over the last two weeks. Today I can no longer see the answers to all of the questions.  What happened to all of the results?

Wayne answered

    How are you accessing the responses? Is it in a report or via Results > Individual Responses? It sounds like you had 16 responses and now you see less than 16?

    If you can share additional details, it might help the Community offer suggestions. Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Thanks for trying to help Dominic.  Unfortunately, when I attempt to Export data it states there is no data to export.

      Wayne answered

        I was accessing the responses via Results>Individual Responses each day.  I still see the same 16 responses but all of the detail information that they respondents entered is now gone. 

        Dominic Sharpe commented
          • I wonder if this is a display issue – one suggestion I have is to download an Export of the data via Results > Exports:


            This will allow you to view all of the same information as the Individual Responses page but in a spreadsheet format. It’s a good way to confirm that the data is there.



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