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Hi there…. so I’m going to be sending out a Leader Feedback survey to about 176 people asking for their feedback on their managers…..The trouble I’m having is getting our data results.  We have about 23 managers and we’d like to be able to create a PDF for each individual Manager??  I’m really struggling with this…. our survey is not going out until tomorrow…..but I’m hoping to get some answers on this before I have to pull this data together for our Directors and AVP’s next week?

Sherry Erb asked

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    Hi Sherry,

    Do you have a question where they select their managers name?

    If you do, then you can create a report for each manager by use the Filter Option.

    So what you can do is create the report layout that you would like for the end PDF.

    Then apply a filter using that Managers Name from the question.

    Run Report & Export to PDF

    Then switch the filter to the next manager and run the report again.

    Jacob Hayslett answered


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