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I have a survey that starts off with a user selecting the committee (s) they serve. There are 4 committees and depending on which check boxes they have selected I would like those sections to appear.


After many different tries I can’t get it to work correctly.


Thanks all!

Patrick McCabe answered

    It sounds like you want the sections to appear immediately and on the same page as the source question which is probably something like, “Please select the committees on which you serve…”.  I’m guessing that you’re adding all the questions for one committee on a single page (which intuitively makes sense, but will not achieve the desired goal of having questions for each committee selected). 

    If that’s the case, then all the committee-related questions for all the committees need to be added to one page, the same page that has the source question.  Then for each question that is included in this page, you edit the question and choose the logic tab.  On the logic tab, check the box labeled “Only show this question based on answers to previous questions or other logic conditions” and then select the source question and then the appropriate answer (or committee) that would cause this question to appear.

    When you test this, you should see just the source question (which I assume is a checkbox type question) and then when you select a committee, the follow-up questions for that committee automatically appear.  Because there will be the possibility that your respondent serves on multiple committees (thus having multiple sets of committee-related questions appear), you might need to adjust some text or format the committee-related questions in such a way that the respondent clearly understands which group of questions go together or apply to a specific committee.

    Good luck and don’t hesitate to write back should you need additional clarification or explanation.


    Patrick McCabe answered


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