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I am not sure if this is a bug or a structural issues. I tried to find other incidents on the help and net to no avail. It may be a drag and drop issue as I did mess around with the surveys initial order and their is some mention of drag and drop messing the logic up.

After moving the order around the questions I then changed two questions  (#3 and #4) from a radio button box  to a ranking grid. As the logic needed to be updated I removed the existing logic and when I tried to add new logic to the 4th and 5th questions ( an existing check box type). Both now will only offer questions 1 and 2 as logic options, not question 3 which is the one needed.



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    • This only seems to affect two questions 3 and 4. I tried to move their position by adding other questions but the problem moved up one. Is there a way to hide a questions from the logic option of other questions as this seems to be the only reasonable answer, unless it is a bug??????

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    Problem Solved. Was in the directions all along. You cannot use a Rank Grid question to drive the logic of other questions. 

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