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I’m just creating my first survey with SurveyGizmo and I have the following problem:

I use a radio button grid with seven columns and want to enable the participants of my survey only to answer option 2 to 7, if the radio button in column 1 is selected. Is such a conditional logic possible in a single radio button grid, so that the participants first need to select column 1 and if so, they must select one option of column 2 to 7?

I’ve already tried to combine a simple radio button and a radio button grid with the “custom option question”, but that doesn’t help, because I want it in a single grid. I attached a simple scribble that shows what I want to do.

I hope that someone can help me.

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards,

Marco Altpeter

P.S.: I’ve used the search function before I posted my question, but I couldn’t found a solution…Maybe I could also have been used the wrong keywords.

maltpeter asked

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    Unfortunately there is no way to do this.  Because of the way that responses to grid-type questions are stored in memory, they cannot be evaluated by logic statements until after the respondents hit the NEXT button and the survey moves to the next page.

    I would recommend that you set up the first question as a radio button type question, and then use question logic to display the appropriate followup questions.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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