[Solved] Logic-dependent Page Timer?


Hi! I’m trying to have a page of mine submit after a short timer so that populated questions will go through, but I only want this to happen under some logical circumstances. The page timer action doesn’t have an ID# so I can’t call it through sgapiRunAction.

Is there any way to have a timer run only under certain circumstances?

Nick Lisa asked

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    Hi Nick. Though called an action, it is true the Page Timer action operates a bit differently than normal actions, and does not seem to be reachable from a Custom Script.

    An alternative solution may be to create your own “page timer action” in javascript ( setTimeout + $(“.sg-next-button”).click() ). This javascript action could then be controlled via logic or your Custom Script (with sgapiHideQuestion).

    I hope this helps!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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