Logic based on hidden values comparison



I need to compare two answers and show or hide a third question.

For example:

Q1:How many water glasses do you drink daily? A: (Number1)

Q2:How many wine glasses do you drink daily? A: (Number2)


Q3: Why do you drink more water than wine?

Q4: Why do you drink more wine than water?


I want to show Q3 only if Number 1 > Number 2; otherwise to show Q4 only if Number 2 > Number1


Maybe I can use HiddenValues (and I can store the values there), but I can’t compare them (or I’m no able to do it)


matteocantamesse asked
    qc 560 Rep.

    From my experience, the only way to apply logic that requires comparing two responses is to use a Custom Script.

    qc answered


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