[Solved] LOGIC based on Hidden value – Unavailable operators


In the Logic for Question, some operators are not available when we try to use an Hidden value.

For instance, I retrieved a value from Salesforce and stored it in a Hidden value.

In the Logic for a question, the “Is exactly” is available but not the “Is not exactly” operator.


Another subject concerns the Logic in “Javascript action”, there is no visibility on Hidden value to setup the Logic.

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    When certain logic operators are not available (most commonly with the ‘is not exactly equal to’), it means that they are not compatible with what you are trying to do. The ‘is not exactly equal to’ operator is not available for questions on the same page – if you move the follow-up item to the next page, you should have better luck.

    With the Javascript action, you may also consider moving the Javascript to a page after the Hidden Value.

    Hope this helps clarify

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