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On a slow mobile connection and by just opening a live survey, it went right to “build” and I accidentally deleted a question! (Luckily recovered.) How can I lock the survey version so I can’t do this again? If I can’t, could I set it to open to results or share instead?

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    There is a good workaround that I use for that same reason, but it only works if you have access to Account > User Management > Teams.  

    I have myself on 2 teams – Team 1 and Survey Lock.  On Team 1, I only have limited rights to do the reporting.  The project is always assigned to that team, and when I go to it it jumps right to the reporting page which is what I need.

    When I need to make a change to the build, I will go to Account >User Management >Teams and add this project to the Team “Survey Lock.”  On that team I have full rights.  Then, I go back to the project and can make edits.  Once I’m done, I just remove the project from that team.   The project stays assigned to Team 1 the whole time, it can be assigned to more than 1 team at a time.

    Since I’m a system admin, I can quickly go back and forth and do this.   Mel from Survey Gizmo showed me this trick on a webinar and I love it since I hate that it jumps right to the Build page when you open any survey.  Hope this helps.

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      • Thanks for that Sheila! As the account admin I can definitely do that. It’s a very clever workaround but I wish SurveyGizmo would provide that support natively.


      SurveyGizmo surveys cannot be locked in the way that you are looking for – If you have a multi user account, you can set permissions for specific users, but I don’t think that is what you are looking for.

      I don’t think there is a way to set a default page to open your surveys too, either.

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