Loading Offline Surveys When You Don’t Have Access to the Tablets


We are conducting an offline survey in rural Maine.  Selected nutrition educators across the state will be using Kindle Fire tablets to survey WIC clients about changes in their diet/nutrition habits.

Unfortunately the tablets that will be used to conduct these surveys are scattered across the state..  We know that the links to the offline version of the survey can be emailed, but not all of the educators can use the tablets to access their email accounts (rules against using non-government issued devices in the workplace). 

We are exploring some options, but I am asking if anyone has any relevant experience that they are willing to share?

Jim Wetherill answered

    To recap – we had a problem getting the offline link to a survey to the scattered field staff.  The tablets are already in offices throughout the state of Maine so we cannot access them.  The educators are non-technical people who can’t access their government email with the tablets and don’t know how/want to add their personal accounts to the devices.

    We found an appropriately low-tech solution – we converted the offline link to a Bitly URL and gave it to the educators during a web conference.  The Bitly URL was very easy for the educators to type into the tablet’s browser, so we were able to get past this problem very quickly.

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      Is there perhaps an option of hosting the Offline Link(s) on a password protected website? This way the tablet users don’t need to access their emails on the tablets, but they can navigate to a website, enter a password, and click on their offline link.

      My thought is to use the same link that would typically be emailed via the offline invitation email. Just throwing it out there… Hope it helps!

      Jim Wetherill commented
        • Thanks Dominic.  We are actually looking at something like the solution you have proposed. I am still pushing to find a simpler solution using email, but I will have to eventually go with whatever my co-workers in Maine decide will work best.
          I will post the solution once a decision has been made.



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