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I need to make ONE question with a list of pairs of options, so people have to choose one out of these two options. We dont have a question type for this, so do you have any suggestions how could I adapt one?

I tested making a group of Radio Button questions, each one with two options, but it HAS to be ONE question, so latter I can pipe the selected items into another question, and this is not possible in a group of questions (Custom Group).

I thought of using the Slider List type of question, but it behaves more like a slider grid, with just one option per row and three possible labels for all the options. A good Slider List in this case would be one with the possibility to customize the labels for each row.

I send an image of what I think would be useful in this case, but am open to whatever different suggestion you might have to help me.


Dominic Sharpe answered

    It looks like the Semantic Differential question is what you are looking for:

    One drawback is that this question is not compatible with piping.

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