List of IP Addresses used for WebHooks


We use your WebHooks feature to forward data from surveys directly to our database.  Recently (Aug 23) we started to get failures on our ALPHA and BETA test systems, fortunately our production system was unaffected.

We traced the failures to a change in IP Address on your end.  We use IP Address Allow for security.  The range of addresses you have been using has been stable for many years.

  1. Why the change of address?
  2. How can we be notified of a change prior to it implementation?

NOTE: If this had happened on our production system we would have lost business and possibly clients.  This is not acceptable


Dan Vokt

Decision Dynamics, LLC

Mike Miller commented
    • HI Dan, I am a SG user as well. Would you be willing to share how to properly setup the WebHooks to forward data to a database? I do not know the first thing about this and the documentation is not very helpful. I am not even sure what kind of database I need, e.g. cloud, server, etc. Feel free to reach out via email at Thanks in advance.


    Just another user here – I have seen this post up in the Community recently:

    The post contains a link for requesting the new IP’s for whitelist purposes and should help mitigate against potential issues with new IPs.

    Hope this helps!

    DanV commented
      • Thanks Dominic.

        I made a phone appt and support gave me the same link to get the IP list.

        The real issue here is to be reliably informed PRE implementation. And though the post on the community board is helpful, having to monitor that board for specific information on IP changes is just not enough.

        At the very least we need a mailing list or group that we can subscribe to that is focused on whitelist IPs.

        I will be bring this idea up during my phone appt.



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