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I have built a survey that has a series questions that repeat for each answer checked in the first question.  The first question asks which Groups an individual belongs to. For each Group that someone belongs to, I ask a series of questions.  One question in each series is identical, and would not change based on the Group.  It is a free text question.  I would like to build the survey such that if the identical question is answered for a Group, it is not shown again for subsequent Groups.

This appears to be different than piping and when I tried to set up Conditions, the option of Question Not Answered was not available.

Lisa Brooks319586 asked

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    Hi Lisa,

    The question ‘not answered’ condition is only available for questions that are on different pages – perhaps this is the limitation that you are running into?

    If the question on which you are setting up the condition is on a page after the question that you looking to trigger, the ‘not answered’ option should be available.

    Hope that helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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