[Solved] Links to some uploads missing from PDF report



I have a ‘Service Provider Application’ survey that sends an email of the result including links to any uploaded files to the client on submission.

Up until last week it was working correctly, however now, not all uploaded files appear on the PDF. 

You can see the URLs for the missing files in the CSV file though.

Here is a link to a PDF…

Here is a link to the matching CSV file…

Question 18 has an uploaded file and correctly displays a link

However Question 23 & 25 have uploads but do not display a links


Could you please shed some light on what is going on?


Paul McCormick

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    You may need to reach out to SurveyGizmo directly (if you haven’t already). I personally have not run into such an issue and I’m not sure if other customers in the community have any insight.

    I’d be curious to learn what the solution to your issue was – if you have figured this out since posting.

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      Thanks Dominic

      I have reached out to SurveyGizmo, they have replied and are waiting to here back regarding a solution. They have provided a work around in the meantime.



      Paul McCormick answered


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