How do I link questions to measure questions in my pre and post survey?


I have a complex pre/post/follow up survey that I have created using a gateway survey.  The pre/post/follow up are not all exactly the same survey- for example, we gather more demographic data in the pre, and we have added a few questions to the post and follow up. Otherwise, they are the same. I need to measure change from these three surveys- how can I do that easily in so I can compare easily during analysis?


I am under a contract to make this survey, and then I will be passing on the information to the agency- so I need to develop a way to do this as simply as possible.  



Chris Betts348295 answered

    Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this.  The survey responses are designed to be anonymous, and you are looking for a way to ‘violate’ the respondent’s anonymity.

    You would need some type of field that could hold an identifying value that could tie all three of the surveys together.  At the end of the project you could merge the export files from each survey into one large Excel file and the sort by the survey type and ID field.  If you are using an email campaign to send the survey links to participants you could use the email address field or some other field from the email campaign for this purpose.

    If you aren’t using an email campaign, would it be possible to ask the participants to enter a unique identifier at the beginning of each survey.  We have used this method on some surveys – each respondent was given an account number that they had to enter at the beginning of the survey.  This gave us a easy to use database at the end of the project, but we incurred a lot of admin time costs in reminding participants of their numbers.

    I think that your best option is to use email campaigns to distribute the links.  I hope that this is a vialbe option for you.  Good luck!

    Jim W (Moderator) answered

      For your analysis (after you capture the demographic data) you can simply delete the extraneous columns from copies of your Excel worksheets, then simply compare the data. The summary reports Survey Gizmo offers can be similarly edited to demonstrate any changes. There is no need to violate anyone’s anonymity.

      Chris Betts348295 answered


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