linear scale


How can we create linear scale question?

Mary L (Moderator) answered

    I think the Semantic Differential question might be what you are looking for. Check out the Help Document here:


    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Hi Burcu,

      Could you be looking for the Slider Question Type?  Check out this help article for more detail: 



      Also, check out the Rating (Likert Scale) Type:  

      You can customize the labels under the layout tab: 


      Also, Dominic Sharpe suggested the Semantic Differential, here is a screen shot of that example:: 

      You can customize the labels under the Questions tab: 






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        It is something like at below:


        Mary L (Moderator) commented
          • Check out the Rating (Likert Scale) question type. You can customize the side labels to achieve that layout. I am going to edit my post to show a screen clip of what that looks like in SurveyGizmo.

            Adding more comments! Check out Dominic Sharpe suggest too! The Semantic Differential enables you to have multiple rows with in the same question. Thanks!


          Hi there,

          Can you clarify or perhaps share an example of what you are looking for? I’m not sure if I understand your question.


          Dominic Sharpe answered


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