How can I limit responses to one per column, without limiting to one per row?


In my role I regularly need to set up retrospective pre-test surveys but am having difficulty finding a way to do this in SurveyGizmo.

In this type of survey, there are two or more rows of potential actions that respondents can select. We want to know what action they would take NOW (after completing a program), and what action they would have taken BEFORE completing our program.  Here is an example of what it looks like:


They should only be able to select ONE response for the NOW column, and ONE response for the BEFORE column.

It may be the same response for both NOW and BEFORE.  So, the person might pick “Peter parker” for both NOW and BEFORE, this would be fine. However, they shouldn’t be able to pick both “Peter Parker” and “Clark Kent” as their choice now.

I’ve seen options to limit answers per column using radio grid, but this doesn’t work for this purpose, as the answers may be the same NOW and BEFORE program participation.

For previous surveys, I’ve had to use custom grid, and not limit the number of responses per column, but I’ve then had the problem of people selecting more than one in a column, and having to deal with this in the analysis.

Thank you for having a look at this, and thanks in advance for any ideas you may have.


AndyN answered

    Try using a “Radio Button Grid”.

    Chris Betts348295 answered


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