Likert-type question with 2 anchor labels?



I am new to SurveyGizmo, but have experience with Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey.

I am trying to replicate a common question type I use on those other platforms: a Likert-type question with multiple options but with anchor labels only on the first and last option. Like this:

I can approximate the formatting in SurveyGizmo, but it’s not exactly right:

The anchors should appear above or below the options. Either that, or the formatting should be such that the radio buttons are equidistant, otherwise it looks a bit of a mess (and I worry that non-equidistant options may bias results).

Can I get what I want in SurveyGizmo?


pmb2949 answered

    Yes, what you are looking to do is possible in SurveyGizmo.

    Take a look at this article, it covers the various options available for the Likert Scale question type:

    including the various layout options:

    Hope this is what you are looking for!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

       I’m still not sure how to get the format I need.I am trying to position the ‘Strongly Agree’ over the 1 (or 1&2) and the “Strongly Agree” over the 10 (or the 9 & 10).  But if I use stack, the labels only go to the far right and left to the sides of the scale, but not on top where needed.   2. To what extent do you agree? 12345678910 Strongly DisagreeStrongly Agree        


      Lola Gill commented
        Rob 13 Rep.

        Thanks, Dominic! That was exactly what I needed. Apologies for the slow response.

        Rob answered


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