Likert Survey Grading by Section


We have a 24 question, 5-points Likert leadership assessment that measures leadership in four different domains (strategy, systems, culture, and community). Each domain has 6 questions.

We need the survey to provide both domain scores and total score. We also want to provide the results in a pdf report that explains the sections further and includes an action. Is this possible in surveygizmo?

Dominic Sharpe answered

    This should be possible. You will need to utilize the Quiz Score Action (likely the Tally version of the Quiz Score, based on what you have mentioned):

    Becuase you have 4 domains and need a total score as well, you will need to add 5 separate Quiz Score Actions to your survey (1 Action for each of the 4 domains, and 1 Action for the total). This document touches on a similar scenario:

    When you use the Tally variety of the quiz, you are given the opportunity to define messages that display based on specific score ranges. You could then email a PDF with the quiz info:

    I would definitely recommend exploring the Quiz Score capabilities mentioned above to see if it gets you what you’re looking for!

    Hope this helps!

    Joel Farrel commented
      • Thanks I had a similar question – and this works well. Further to this, is it possible to get each of the average domain scores displayed as a spiderweb chart – with each point being one of the domains?



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