Legancy Style Tables??


Can someone tell me where/how I can use the standard reports to create tables that were previously done in the legacy report? I am not at all of fan of the limited options of pie or bar graph. The tables presented my options much more clear.



Sheila Bloom answered

    If you’re talking about the tables like this: 

    Unfortunately they’re gone.  We used them as well and they really look clean and print well.

    You have 2 options in the standard report.  First, if the question is set up as a Radio Button Grid type question, it automatically reports as a table.  But, if this is an active survey, you probably don’t want to change the format of the question.

    Or, hide the chart and just show the summary table and this is what it will look like:



    That’s as close as I could get.  We’re using the Legacy reports for now and hoping tables come into the standard reports soon!


    Sheila Bloom answered

      Can you maybe provide a screenshot as an example of the tables you had set up in the Legacy Report? That should help Community members with some suggestions for how to go about it in the Standard Report.

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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