Left Label / Right Labels in textbox list question type?


In a textbox list question type, is there a way (CSS maybe?) to apply a left label and right label to the text boxes, like a $ in front of the box and a .00 after it, like you can with number-formatted regular text boxes?

I want to be able to take the formatting on the number textbox in attachment 1 and apply it to the textbox list in attachment 2. 



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    Give the textbox list the CSS Class Name: mymoney

    Then add the following CSS 

    .mymoney input {
    width:40px !important;
    .mymoney .sg-last-cell {
    .mymoney .sg-last-cell:before {
    content: “$”;
    .mymoney .sg-last-cell:after {
    content: “.00”;


    Note: quotes sometimes get replaced by smart quote on the message system, so if you copy and paste you may need to replace the quote characters.

    You can change the widths if you want room for more digits.

    IS commented
      • That’s very promising, thanks! Playing with it now…

      • Can you tell me what the “last cell” code does? I don’t see any effect when I change that width.

        Also, any way to get HTML code into the multiple choice options? i.e., the way we have “Today” bold and underlined in the question in the first attachment.

      • .sg-last-cell is the class of the table cell that contains the text input. The only effects you are likely to see are: if you my it too small, the .00 will wrap to the next line. If you make it too large other spacing issues may occur.

        All choice options accept most html. They just don’t provide a wysiwyg editor.



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