layout of the pdf is different to the black copy download.


I have created an Action Review to allow the respondents to download a copy of the survey questionnaires after they submitted the survey,  but the layout of the pdf won’t look the same as the blank survey download, there is very limited options that I can customise the pdf. 

How can I set the pdf layout to be the same as the blank survey download, for example, the blank survey download have exactly the layout of the screen shown which include radio button, text boxes and long essay/long answer box etc. but when I click on the download pdf after submitting the survey, the pdf will only shows the lines of question text and then follow by answer, for example, if the answer is yes, then it only shows ‘yes’, or if the  answer is ‘no’, then it only shows ‘no‘.  It won’t shows the ratio button.

Another issue is the question number, can I have the question number contains Q such as Q1, Q2??




Jim W (Moderator) answered

    There is no way to format the pdf generated by the REVIEW action to be the same as the survey download.  The REVIEW action is basically a JavaScript that generates a copy of the respondent’s survey session.  The REVIEW action is intended to provide respondents with a summary of their responses, not a copy of the actual survey.

    I am going to assume that your question about placing q ‘Q’ at the beginning of each question is related to the above question.  Once again, unfortunately the answer is NO – there is no way that the REVIEW action can be modified to accomplish this task.

    Depending on your account and level of expertise, you could write your own custom script that would display the question text, the answer options, and the respondent’s answer.  Or you could contract with SurveyGizmo Programming Services to develop it for you.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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